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About Us

Bearings established in 1992 by a team of experience technocrats from the bearing industry background to cater to the need of new generation technology for upcoming Industrial Era. The Company initially started with 5000 Sq Ft of Production Area and have expanded its production foot print to more than 80000 Sq Ft. The Company’s current manufacturing infrastructure consists of renowned production machinery & inspection equipment s from global sources from Sweden, Germany, Italy, US, China & India.

The complete sync & synergies between Man & Machinery allows high flexibility to produce consistent quality & variety products of products to the ever-changing customer requirements.


  • Committed Management Team
  • Experienced Staff
  • Flexible Manufacturing Lines
  • Competitive Prices
  • Timely Delivery

Our Mission

Customer Delight by our Value driven friction management solutions; To be the preferred supplier of Quality Bearings & Allied Product.

Our Vision

To Create Value Sustain-ably through pursuit of Excellence, Quality & Delivery Performance.


With a strong belief that new ideas must be actively anticipated considering the customers' needs and possible new opportunities arising by understanding the basic science of our product and the environment in which our customers uses them.To ensure new product developments are successful for and our customers alike, we employ a multidisciplinary approach in the development process involving manufacturing, engineering, quality assurance and marketing.

We recognize the ultimate importance of research and development in creating designs to satisfy increasing performance demands on our products utilizing eco-friendly material and processes. The R&D process involves prototype development, verification, testing and validation which helps us develop products that delivers performance to the laid specifications keeping in mind the ecological impact.

One of the Innovations that concentrates is at the reduction of the requirements for re-lubrications in the service life of the bearings to help the customers save precious resources and also help decrease the carbon footprint throughout service life of the product.

Meet The Team

Mitul Doshi


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